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It certainly has stood the test of time: In between, well over of these machines were assembled and shipped in both single- and two-shaft versions for electric-generation 50 and 60 Hz and mechanical-drive applications Figs 1, 2; Sidebar 1. Units in generation service are found in simple-cycle, cogeneration, and combined-cycle facilities Fig 3. They are installed both onshore and offshore oil rigs, barges and may be equipped for single- or dual-fuel firing. A generation of GE gas-turbine designers and field engineers cut their proverbial teeth on the Frame 5. Lucier has a deep appreciation for things mechanical and electrical, and believes a well-engineered product properly cared for should, in most cases, last as long as the owner has an application. The historian in Lucier took over at this point:

How to Decode Motorcycle VIN Numbers

Triton motorcycle built by Dave Degans of Dresda motorcycles in The engine is a heavily modified 6T pre unit Number 6T with a dating letter for the engine of The forks are Triumph with external springs; the front wheel has an alloy rim with a stove enamelled twin leading shoe brake supplied by Dresda and stainless steel spokes and nipples. The rear wheel is a stove enamelled Manx hub with stainless steel spokes and nipples. The petrol tank is Fibreglass with a lining and the oil tank is Fibreglass.

engine numbers started at T frames from TF to TF engines from T to frames from TF to TF engines from to For Triumph introduced matching frame and engine numbers. Frame/engine numbers started with N and went to N.

On my Matchless G3LS this is stamped into the top of the front down-tube. I initially, like many other people, mistook it to be the frame number. Actually it is just a casting or part number identifier from when the frame was made and hence is identical on many Matchless and AJS bikes, so beware! This is not your frame number! The number shown in the picture is stamped onto the frame of my Matchless G3LS on the front down-tube, just in front of tank next to the top engine bracket.

The circular loop cast into the frame on the left is the front side-car mounting. It is definitely not the frame number! On some bikes, this part number is apparently raised rather than stamped which would mean it was cast into the frame and so must be the same on every frame from the batch as they will all have come out of the same mould. On my bike though the numbers are definitely stamped indented into the metal, but either way they are not unique identifiers. The arrow in the figure on the right shows roughly where you should be looking.

Standing on the right side of the bike as viewed from the seated position , look up under the saddle to the back-end of the top horizontal tube just in front of where this joins the down-tube and the seat bolts into place. The frame number revealed! If your frame is rusty, dirty or has been repainted it may actually be pretty impossible to read the numbers clearly from this angle. The photo on the left shows the frame number stampings on my Matchless.

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The engine number starts with the mark number: Then the engine size code above , with a year code, which is the last number only of the year eg 5 for So, for example, a number beginning 4. Similarly, a number beginning 1. This complicated sequence is then followed by the engine number itself, limited to four digits or less.

Triumph Motorcycles timeline The Fight to Survive. See bottom of page for links to other eras in Triumph’s history New: Post your comments, opinions, and ask questions on my new FORUM.

BMW frame and engine numbers on Phil Hawksleys website. Plus loads of other BMW info. If the bike is known to the DVLA, then just apply for a duplicate registration document. Failing that, it is possible to recover the original registration number under the V scheme, details of which can be had from the VMCC Library. Briefly you would need some piece of paperwork to support an application to retain the original number for your machine.

Something like the old Log Book or an old tax disc would be ideal. Another option is a certified copy of the original record from the original registering authority. To find the name of the original registration authority and where it’s archive now is, needs a bit of detective work. Note that not all registration authority records have been saved in an archive, so you may be unlucky.

Firstly you need to determine the authority that originally issued your registration number, that you can find here in this PDF file. There’s a lot of information in the file and it has been put together in country England, Wales, Scotland etc order. Having found the name of the original registration authority, go to the kitheadtrust location list and you will find, hopefully, the location of the archive – then you need to contact the archive to obtain a copy of the original record, quoting registration, frame and engine numbers.

I believe that some archives charge for the service, so be prepared for that. Having obtained your evidence you would then need to contact the VMCC, who are authorised by the DVLA to operate the V scheme – you will need to complete the clubs A1 inspection form that the Library will send and, on receipt of the completed form, the club would then arrange for an inspection of the machine.

XT frame number

Click on the advert to visit the Shannons website. Click to visit the BM Bikes website. Full mechanical restoration, excellent paint. Not sure if the paint is original, all indications are that it is.

The purpose of BSA Unit Singles LLC is to provide enthusiasts of C15s, B40s, C25s, B25s,T25s, B44s and B50s with a single source supplier for parts and accessories for these models. This focus has allowed us to concentrate our resources to increase the probability of our customers finding more items related to these bikes in one place.

That’s dangerous talk because the guys who own and love their Birmingham Small Arms M-Series military mounts take their rides pretty seriously and can be a sensitive bunch. And here at Sump we know that because we’ve got a fabled BSA WM20 in the garage, and every once in a while we chip in some idle comment on Henk Joore’s near legendary BSA WM20 forum and more or less talk the talk and walk the walk, etc. So we know what goes down. But what with one bike and another, it doesn’t get anywhere near the kind of exercise it used to get.

This example was built in Fact is, the Triumph TRW is a compelling proposition for anyone interested in British sidevalves, not least British military sidevalves. A decade ago, they were barely on the radar.


It has also been reprinted in Dutch and appeared in an article there. As Registrar, I received about two questions a week regarding serial numbers: Is my engine original? I have only a partial chassis number, how can I determine the proper number? All of this relates in one way or another to the relationship between the three primary serial numbers found on an MGA:

We have the world’s largest inventory of N.O.S. (new old stock), reproduction and used parts specializing in Triumph, BSA and Norton motorcycles. Our vast inventory covers 45, square feet and fills over 4 miles of shelving.

The patent numbers you will find on the triangular plate on the timing cover and in period brochures refer to several Triumph features by now standard across the range. The T21 was designed from the outset as a machine incorporating for then; modern features and aimed to attract new buyers looking for clean inexpensive transport. The design brief was for a clean, high performance, cc roadster and the components and specifications applied reflect this.

A bolted on sub frame supports the seat and rear suspension while additional welded on brackets are provided for other components. The headset and engine bridge support are malleable-iron castings. For this early frame the Trail is The forks are oil damped of conventional Triumph design for the period featuring chromed stanchions held in malleable cast iron brackets with the sliders supported by sintered bronze bushes. The long internal springs and damping control are housed within the stanchions.

Externally there are painted covers. The lower sliders feature cast clamps and at the lower end is a mudguard support that can be hinged down to support the front wheel to assist in wheel removal. The recommended quantity of SAE 30 Oil for each fork leg is cc. The headset is enclosed by the trademark Triumph Nacelle, made in two parts with chrome trims disguising the joins, the Nacelle houses the headlamp with pilot light, combined ignition and lighting switch on the right, ammeter on the left, the speedometer and the horn.

The steering damper knob is also mounted on the Nacelle.

frame and engine numbers

Originally Posted by san9jay But as far as my research on the net shows. In the Triumphs switched to a swing arm suspension so that would not match my bike. Based on the frame and engine numbers can you tell exactly which year it is? Which seems in the correct ball park.

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sunbeam frame number dating. PREMIER FRAME. Bicycle History: Nottingham – The Raleigh Cycle Co. (e.g. a “G” serial number may have been built into a bike in

These are sources of general information and discussion. For details of suppliers go to the suppliers page. The pdf extract published online includes a page on the T20B Bantam Cub complete with a photograph taken outside the factory. The Tiger Cub Bible is essential reading for anyone considering a Cub restoration project. These dating certificates provide some interesting information and can give details such as the date the bike left the factory and the original dealer they were shipped to.

Before DVLA will register or re-register a vehicle they require documentary evidence of the vehicle’s provenance; a Cub dating certificate from Mike is accepted for this purpose. For further information and dating on all Triumph Tiger Cub and Terrier models please contact Mike Estall on mikeestall hotmail.

In particular the Discussion Forum is a great source of help from a bunch of really friendly people who all share a passion for Triumph Tiger Cubs. The forum is run by Steve Aikens who pays for all the administration and support himself so please take a few moments to use the ‘Donation’ button to help him keep it running.

Published by the well-know motorbike journalist, GBC, the Cub Mag features all sorts of stories on rebuilds, riding, trials and off road Cubs, top tips and a shed load more of useful and interesting Cub stuff. The club has over members, all of whom share a passion for Cubs.

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The frame number is located on the left side of the frame, nearest the stearing head. On both the ’71 up, single and twin oil in frame bikes, the number is located on the kickstand lug. The Number consists of 4 sections.

Motorcycle VIN numbers give a world of information if you know the decoding secrets. While they may seem like random strings of characters, VIN codes reveal the motorcycle’s manufacturer, its model, engine size and other characteristics, where the motorcycle was manufactured both country and plant , as well as the year it rolled off the assembly line. By law they are 17 characters long, consisting of both numbers and letters.

Each character or sequence of characters has specific meaning. Duplicate VIN codes, letters that are not capitalized, sans-serif style, or digits other than zero to nine in other words, digits not common to the English language are fraud alerts. Be prepared to walk away if the VIN codes do not conform to these standards. Even if the VIN looks legitimate, if you’re buying from a private owner, do all your homework before money changes hands.

Your state’s motor vehicle department will likely provide a means to verify details of ownership and reveal lien holders, such as a bank. The First Three Characters This first section renders information in this order: The fourth place in the VIN code indicates the vehicle category:

Triumph TRW: buying guide, history, specifications and links tips.

Services to Members More about what we do for members. The Club provides a number of services to its members, the most popular being the Triumph Motorcycle Dating Service, and the Club Archives. If you have an old Triumph motorcycle that has never been registered, or one that the DVLA do not have any records for, and you wish to retain the original or obtain an age-related registration number plate then you need this service.

Back in , the DVLA started computerising vehicle registrations. Before then registrations were carried out by County Councils or Borough Councils, but Centralised Registration pulled all these records together onto a computerised system. Of course, many registrations were lost or not transfered by the various councils, and when all the old records had finally been entered by about there were still many vehicles that were not on the new register.

Lightweight Frame A strong, expertly designed cast aluminum frame provides confidence-inspiring stability and easy handling at all speeds. Modern Technology A full suite of included technology adds customization and comfort to every ride.

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