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Probably one of the hardest parts about manufacturing a handle bar is knowing which riser to make it for. We ask you a lot of questions before you make your initial purchase because we want to make sure we get you the correct handle bar. For years Harley Davidson was always 1″ diameter and no matter what handle bar you had it would work. Well times have changed and Harley Davidson now offers quite a few different risers on bikes. We try our best to make sure our handle bars will fit your bike but there is some cases where we just can not make a one off custom bar to fit your risers regardless if they are Harley Davidson. Factory 47 is a handle bar manufacturing company and we run all of our bars in production so to stop all of our production for one handle bar would shoot up the cost of the bars. But there is a solution if you happen to have a riser that we do not offer a handle bar for, simply change your riser.

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The event will host motorcycle riders of all makes, models and years at one of the most storied and beautiful ranches in the great state of Tennessee. It will feature live music at multiple locations, a variety of entertainment, specialty food trucks, premium and primitive camping sites, vendors and plenty of riding on some of the most beautiful roads in America.

Lynn and a wonderful group of artists and musicians who will be coming out to entertain to help make this our most special and important fund-raiser of the year.

Anderson showed up to small-claims court without a lawyer on Monday, wearing a long denim jacket and jeans. The pair settled in mediation, with Anderson agreeing to pay the stylist $4,

Guanche mummies The mummies of the Canary Islands belong to the indigenous Guanche people and date to the time before 14th Century Spanish explorers settled in the area. All deceased people within the Guanche culture were mummified during this time, though the level of care taken with embalming and burial varied depending on individual social status. Embalming was carried out by specialized groups, organized according to gender, who were considered unclean by the rest of the community.

The techniques for embalming were similar to those of the ancient Egyptians; involving evisceration, preservation, and stuffing of the evacuated bodily cavities, then wrapping of the body in animal skins. Despite the successful techniques utilized by the Guanche, very few mummies remain due to looting and desecration. While there is some evidence of deliberate mummification, most sources state that desiccation occurred naturally due to unique conditions within the crypts.

The unique air quality and topsoil within the crypt naturally preserved the bodies over time. In the early s, the mummies were accidentally damaged during repairs, resulting in the loss of bodies. The newly updated airing system preserves the thirty-eight bodies that are currently on display. She was found with several artifacts made of bronze, consisting of buttons, a belt plate, and rings, showing she was of higher class.

All of the hair had been removed from the skull later when farmers had dug through the casket. Her original hairstyle is unknown.

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Magnetic compass[ edit ] Modern compasses usually use a magnetized needle or dial inside a capsule completely filled with a liquid lamp oil, mineral oil, white spirits, purified kerosene, or ethyl alcohol is common. Key points on the compass, including the north end of the needle are often marked with phosphorescent , photoluminescent , or self-luminous materials [15] to enable the compass to be read at night or in poor light.

As the compass fill liquid is noncompressible under pressure, many ordinary liquid-filled compasses will operate accurately underwater to considerable depths. Many modern compasses incorporate a baseplate and protractor tool, and are referred to variously as ” orienteering “, “baseplate”, “map compass” or “protractor” designs.

The Pin-Up Bike Rally is the hot spot for motorcycle enthusiasts and anyone looking for a GREAT time. Get together for amazing bands, good food and drink, .

Random thoughts from Bikers – what we hear or see on the road or things we get from our readers. This is the show for folks that appreciate building a bike to ride. Just bikes folks build in their garages to ride. I rode out about 9: After loadin’ Missi on the DixieGlide, in Boots’ seat Boots was comin’ in the pick-up cuz of her broken leg and wheel chair , we headed south on Hwy 1 about six miles to Tropical Tattoo.

We hadda get in early to get things set before the hordes started arriving! She’s workin’ a beer tub at the Deadwood Saloon the entire 10 days of Biketoberfest and we kinda ‘borrowed’ her for the day. She’ll be back workin’ today Friday and thru the weekend, and will definitely be on hand for our Dixie Biker Biketoberfest Happy Hours party tonight! The Ol’ Skool Bike Show registration ‘officially’ starts at 12 Noon, ends at 2 o’clock and then the judges do their thing.

Wiring diagram for separate regulator/rectifier.

They could not have asked for a better track. If the groundsmen take a note and lay what the host skipper wants for the next match, the tour is only going to get tougher from here for Bangladesh. From a spectator’s point of view, it was nice to see a five-day Test match.

about me and the bitch (christine) and our up’s and downs – hope it may save you some of the pain and the tears, through the good times and the bad – mainly bad.

Since our last update, the internals of the Huey has consumed a fair bit of time and effort. The interior surfaces are all painted a light grey, this was before the era of night vision equipment. I used a grey primer and was satisfied with the colour. The instrument panel decal provided in the kit has a black background, but Vietnam war Hueys had a grey panel so I spent some time with my micro punch set and punched out individual dials and applied them to the raised detail areas on the panel.

They also left out the lap belts for the pilot seats. A combination of the shortened shoulder harnesses and the spare belts from the un-used seats made things a little more convincing up front. The walls are covered in quilted soundproofing material which often took on a greenish or blueish shade. I used a dirty green wash to pick out the recesses. Trying to arrange the belts in as random way hopefully, makes it look a little less like a model.

The scratch-built rescue hoist was also painted up but will not be fitted until final construction as it will be deployed out the starboard side doorway and will get in the way for painting. Some initial weathering was done on the floor while access was good with a dirty wash. The ceiling area and details got the same treatment as the back walls. While I was painting the interior surfaces, it made sense to do the doors at the same time.

Big Dogs in St. Louis, Mo.

Three years ago, Lorien made a drawing of this outrageous knife. I started on the project, hot and heavy, and got frustrated by a variety of things after making the blade, and just walked away. This blade has been hanging from a hook in my shop for almost that entire time. I toyed with just throwing it out countless times. Shortly before Blade Show this year, I made up my mind to return to it, making it with my own thoughts on the design.

To the frustration of many, I only make what I want to make, and how I want to make it.

T Dixie Chopper Zee 2 54″ ZT Changing the status to Picked Up will notify the Shipping Customer that the shipment has been picked up and is in transit. You can always take the decks off but that about all I know about this type. 5/24/ Accepted Quote Show all bids. Price Service Provider Service type ; $

NEVER operate the mower unless the discharge guard and either the deflector assembly or the vacuum collector adapter are fastened securely in place. Do not work around the mower deck boot or the blower area until you are certain that the mower blades and the blower impeller have stopped rotating. The selling Service Center makes no warranty on his own on any item warranted by Dixie Chopper unless he delivers to purchaser a separate written warranty certificate specifically warranting the item.

The dealer has no authority to make any representation or promise on behalf of Dixie Chopper or to modify the terms of this warranty in any way. The mower deck PTO belt must be removed damage may occur. Refer to Figure c. Secure the PTO mount plate assembly R.

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Burnaby, BC So an update, electrical and rebuilding of the brake calipers have been taken care of… so now on to the hydraulic clutch… I had seen a few posts of members taking existing OEM slave cylinders and modifying them, or the cover that they mount to, and in some cases the pushrod in order to make it all work… I wanted something that would not require any modifications to the cover Along the way I stumbled on to mrriggs write up of a stealth homemade purpose built clutch: With the cover essentially blocking access to the mounting area it is difficult to get an idea of what will actually fit in that area.

Luckily there have been others who had created CAD solid models with decent detail in the cover and push rod area: Here are a few cross sectional views:

Jan 14,  · Technically this isn’t possible: The vectrex doesn’t make a standard video signal in raster mode (line by line, what stadanrd video display expect) but instead the beam is moved across the screen in straight line well, in vectoriel mode, that is, the computer tell the beam to go to a point A on the display, switch the beam on a certain luminosity, and move to point B.

Features ChopCult member Josh Allison is building a name for himself within the motorcycle industry. I had the pleasure of showcasing Josh’s Panhead last year which the readers enjoyed. Josh continues to strive for perfection, and you can tell by the images below he hit his mark. Josh has chosen to leave his nine to five and open Cry Baby Cycles with his wife, Sarah. Some of the services Josh will provide is building custom motorcycles, hot rods, and offer high-end metal fabrication.

Josh is also developing a custom parts line that will hopefully drop soon. I would like to wish Josh and Sarah the very best and thank them for allowing me to feature Black Gypsy here. The name of the build is the “Black Gypsy.

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