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Ball was born in Fredericktown, Ohio on October 6, and became a jeweler and watchmaker. When Standard Time was first adopted in , he was the first jeweler to use time signals, bringing accurate time to Cleveland, Ohio. After the infamous collision between Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railways at Kipton, Ohio, which allegedly occurred because an engineer’s watch had stopped unnoticed for about 5 minutes, the railroad officials commissioned Webb C. Ball as their General Time Inspector in order to establish precision standards and a reliable timepiece inspection system for Railroad Watches. The Ball Watch Company did not manufacture watches directly, but the company helped develop the specifications for watches used in railroad service. Webb Ball established strict guidelines for the manufacturing of sturdy, reliable precision timepieces, including resistance to magnetism, reliability of time keeping in 5 positions, isochronism, power reserve, accompanied with record keeping of the reliability of the watch on each regular inspection. The Waltham Watch Company complied immediately with the requirements of Ball’s guidelines, later followed by Elgin Watch Company and most of the other American manufacturers, later on joined by some Swiss Watch Manufacturers. At the end of his career, Webb C.

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Some of these models used a “M-” prefix or “M” suffix around the model number. Hawaiian square neck models used a “P-” prefix or “H” suffix. The most common model. The second most common model, appeared in catalogs in but may have been available a year earlier , and hence should always have a pickguard or at least two holes in the body where a pickguard was mounted. The aluminum body makes for minimal midrange and practically no bass.

Disclaimer: This chart is in no way a substitute for contacting Omega Vintage Information with the Serial Number of an Omega movement and requesting information as it is a very inexact guide.

The serial number came from date field in a converted Paradox database and seemed to be exactly the same as the serial date in Microsoft Excel, hence the article name. After some Googling, I learned that the Excel serial date is related to Julian date, and found a speedy algorithm to convert these numbers to DMY and vice versa. The number of days since isn’t that hard to calculate of course, once you know the leap years. Microsoft Excel however contains a bug with its date calculation: According to the stories, Microsoft decided to duplicate this date bug from Lotus , which was the dominating spreadsheet application at the time Excel was being written.

This allowed Excel to open Lotus spreadsheets without date problems. Note that a serial date number may also contain a fraction that denotes the time. It’s actually the percentage of 24 hours, but that’s not for this article. I won’t go into this further. I got the basic algorithm from here. It’s about converting a Julian date to DMY using integer calculations. I won’t bore you with the theory following the above hyperlink , but the original Julian has a different base date.

With an addition of a certain number, the algorithm comes close to the Excel serial date.

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Exceptional preservation How fossils are formed Fossilisation only happens in the rarest of cases, when a plant or animal dies in the right circumstances. Animal corpses are usually eaten by something, or bacteria rots them away before fossilisation can occur, and even hard parts like bones and shells are eventually destroyed through erosion and corrosion. The trick to becoming a fossil is to die in a location where your body – or bits of it – are protected from scavengers and the elements.

This means getting buried in sand, soil or mud and the best place for that is on the seabed or a river bed.

Fender Tube amp codes: – (look for a 2 letter code stamped on the tube chart inside the back of the amp)- the first letter is the year, and the second letter is the amp stamped NA would have been made in Jan. of Here is a list of the first letter showing the year of manufacture.

Gardiner, comes to stay with the family. Jane accepts, excited also that in London she might get an opportunity to see Mr. In the course of evenings spent with various friends and the military officers, Mrs. Gardiner notices that Elizabeth and Wickham, though not in any serious sort of love, show a definite preference for each other. Because of his lack of money, Mrs. Chapter 26 At the first opportunity, Mrs.

She further says that Elizabeth should be careful not to embarrass her father by becoming attached to Wickham. Elizabeth responds carefully, stating that she will try to keep Wickham from falling in love with her and that she devoutly wishes not to upset her father, but concluding that all she can do is her best. After Jane and the Gardiners depart for London, Mr.

Collins returns from a visit to his parish for his wedding. Elizabeth reluctantly promises to visit Charlotte after her marriage. Gardiner writes to Elizabeth to ask about Wickham, and Elizabeth replies that his attentions have shifted to another girl, a Miss King, who has just inherited a large fortune. They often seem to act as surrogate parents to Jane and Elizabeth.

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It is based on examples taken over 11 months. The sample continues to grow and is today at examples with no effect on the survey results, but confirming the study’s alignment. I will continue to collect examples as the next step it to try to get production statistics. For that the sample will have to get to or more. So please continue to provide your serial numbers and descriptions.

Conn Saxophone Serial Number List. Years and Serial Numbers are approximate, Pictures all Models, Thanks Pete, and to all contributers!

By Deborah Netburn Jan 18, Universal Images Group via Getty Images Scientists have developed a noninvasive blood test that can detect signs of eight types of cancer long before any symptoms of the disease arise. Its genesis is described in a paper published Thursday in the journal Science. Advertisement The authors said the new work represents the first noninvasive blood test that can screen for a range of cancers all at once: In addition, five of them — ovarian, liver, stomach, pancreatic and esophageal cancers — currently have no screening tests.

First, it looks for 16 telltale genetic mutations in bits of free-floating DNA that have been deposited in the bloodstream by cancerous cells. Because these are present in such trace amounts, they can be very hard to find, Papadopoulos said. For example, one blood sample might have thousands of pieces of DNA that come from normal cells, and just two or five pieces from cancerous cells.

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Reference to a case where the given method did not work This is perhaps the most common objection of all. Creationists point to instances where a given method produced a result that is clearly wrong, and then argue that therefore all such dates may be ignored. Such an argument fails on two counts: First, an instance where a method fails to work does not imply that it does not ever work. The question is not whether there are “undatable” objects, but rather whether or not all objects cannot be dated by a given method.

The fact that one wristwatch has failed to keep time properly cannot be used as a justification for discarding all watches.

Sep 16,  · Nevertheless, for dating purposes, the serial number provides adequate information during this period. For example, a Duette with serial number was made in (7), during October (10), and was possibly the st amp made that month.

Search Social Networking Detective This social networking profile has been created to stimulate discussion about safe and potentially unsafe practices and features on social networking sites. Together with the accompanying questions, it has been designed to highlight ways in which users can protect themselves through appropriate use of the technology and also through choices they make online.

Friendbook profile Print out the profile to see if you can spot ways that Chloe has safeguarded herself when creating and using her social network, and the choices she has made or behaviours she has shown that may potentially put her at risk. What is appropriate to share? How long does information stay online? Who could potentially see information online? How can you protect your safety and information on this service?

How long has Chloe been online or checked her profile today? What are your thoughts about the advertising found on Chloe’s profile? Do you think it is appropriate for Chloe to be receiving adverts for dating services and weight loss products?

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Secretary of Treasury; 61st U. Speaker of the House of Rep. Senator; 28th and 31st U. Secretary of Navy; 46th U.

Aug 24,  · Subject: Re: Serial number dating Tue Aug 11, am FYI – Peavey’s serial number database suffered a crash a few weeks back. At this time they are not able to date instruments and they don’t have any idea when (or if) they’ll get the capability to do so again.

Physical[ edit ] Droplet of solidified molten tin Tin is a soft, malleable , ductile and highly crystalline silvery-white metal. When a bar of tin is bent, a crackling sound known as the ” tin cry ” can be heard from the twinning of the crystals. The melting point is further lowered to It is a dull-gray powdery material with no common uses other than a few specialized semiconductor applications. Alloying elements such as copper, antimony, bismuth, cadmium, and silver increase its hardness.

Tin tends rather easily to form hard, brittle intermetallic phases, which are often undesirable. It does not form wide solid solution ranges in other metals in general, and few elements have appreciable solid solubility in tin. Simple eutectic systems, however, occur with bismuth , gallium , lead , thallium and zinc.

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Physical[ edit ] Droplet of solidified molten tin Tin is a soft, malleable , ductile and highly crystalline silvery-white metal. When a bar of tin is bent, a crackling sound known as the ” tin cry ” can be heard from the twinning of the crystals. The melting point is further lowered to It is a dull-gray powdery material with no common uses other than a few specialized semiconductor applications.

Alloying elements such as copper, antimony, bismuth, cadmium, and silver increase its hardness.

Now you can enter the serial number of your firearm and be directed to the correct schematic for it as well as order parts through our partners Brownells, Inc. and Midwest Gun Works.

Programme transcript What is synaesthesia? Synaesthesia is a condition, in which people’s senses intermingle. Some synaesthetes experience colours when they hear, read or even think of letters and numbers. For others, words can trigger a real sensation of taste on their tongue. There are numerous types of synaesthesia, and they can involve all senses – vision, hearing, touch, taste and smell. The most common form is colour-letter synaesthesia.

Do all synaesthetes have the same experiences? Synaesthetes rarely agree on their colours or tastes. Even synaesthetic twins have different experiences. That said, recent research suggests there are certain overarching patterns, for example in colour-letter synaesthesia. For many synaesthetes A is red, and C yellow. Scientists agree that synaesthesia has a genetic basis, because it frequently runs in families.

But an actual synaesthesia gene or genes has not been identified yet.

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