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Great for use as monitors! I purchased two of the PA50s to use at gigs, where the stage does not allow space for floor monitors. I then bought speaker wall brackets that I attached to my existing large Read complete review I purchased two of the PA50s to use at gigs, where the stage does not allow space for floor monitors. I then bought speaker wall brackets that I attached to my existing large 18″ 3-way JBLs. The brackets have the pole mount built in , pointing inward, as side fill.

Marshall mgfx guitar amp for sale

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Home» Music» Hook up your guitar to GarageBand on iPad with your Rocksmith Real Tone Cable. USB adapter for your iPad so you can hook up your Real Tone Cable to it. These adapters can be bought cheap online from DealExtreme. Yes, you can use the official adapter by Apple which is of better quality but also a lot more expensive.

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How to plug your iPOD (or MP3) into a guitar amp

Unlike Hero all the time you invest in getting better at the game actually builds real musical skills, rather than just coming away from it a highly talented coloured button masher. You supply your own guitar and the connection is made by the Real Tone cable which is supplied with the game. Inside it is a Hercules board which converts the analog signal from the guitar into a USB digital stream. But not only can this game provide a leg-up getting the motivation to learn, but the Real Tone cable also allows amp modelling sims to be used outside of the game.

This is not something that is advertised by the game manufacturers but with a free driver, a little fiddling and a copy of Guitar Rig or Amplitube this is pretty easy to do. This is because a standard audio interface has both input and output, but the Real Tone cable is input only.

Mar 04,  · i conect my ps3 to my amp, sure it works whit xbox too,,,,,i use one rca audio output of the playstation component cable, and conect to a rca doble female, then to a 1/4 in to rca male, then a guitar cable to the amp, and ready to rock,, i play rocksmith that way,sure my neighbors must hate me now lol,,using amp mode with a real amp sounds so great.

Been keeping my eye on this for a while now. I have an old guitar, I mean it’s probably like 50 years old So obviously no way to connect that to my PC. You can get pick-ups that you plug into the sound-hole of an accoustic [www. Ditto for mic-to-jack amplification. Your best bet is getting a dirt-cheap electric; there are tons of oriental import stratocaster knock-offs that are dirt cheap and will do fine to learn on. You can set up a cheap guitar yourself to get it sounding respectable. I just want a guitar that will work, where should I look?

The cheaper the better, just want something to practice with. Any cheap electric will do as long as it has the"standard” jack. Also how does it connect to the PC? Do I need a separate audio interface or a mixer or something?

Steam Community :: Guide :: Playing Rocksmith with an external guitar or bass amplifier

Great little Amp – bad speaker This little amp has all the power I need and it really sounds great – play mostly on the clean mode and also with a little reverb. Only bad thing is the speaker only Read complete review This little amp has all the power I need and it really sounds great – play mostly on the clean mode and also with a little reverb.

The foot switching function of it can be used to turn off the signal to your amp as you wish, or send the signal to the amp and rocksmith at the same time – and you get a great tuner into your signal chain.

It shows a video how to play a sample chord. That is followed with a practice track. The rest of the chords work the same way. For the songs when a chord is needed Rocksmith will let you know. On one of the songs Rocksmith said look up the F chord in the chords library. I navigated to the chords library; scrolled down to F where it shows a photo of where to place your fingers for the F chord. I put my fingers on the string positions, and then practiced off hand to get used to the finger positioning.

Then went back to the song where they start to mix up single notes with F chord variations.

How to hook up home stereo amp to computer

Got myself my 1st 2nd hand electric guitar and rocksmith for xmas as well Guitar: I have read on alot of sites saying that beginners should be using light pics, something like the Jim Dunlop Grey Nylon Standard Medium Picks 0. The tortex yellow ones seem to be doing me fine though.

As for which one you get is up to you, you might get a cheap one, like the Epiphone Les Paul Junior, which is also part of the bundle version of Rocksmith and should be enough to get started. They should cost you around a $.

This resulted in significant lag between the screen, sound and my guitar. Rocksmith was no fun when you have to anticipate notes, and then the note played is not in time with the backing track music! To minimise lag, Rocksmith recommends connecting the Playstation3 or XBox to your TV using a HDMI cable, while using analogue component cables to connect to your external sound system.

You may not have a powerful audio system at home through which to play this game. If you have an electric guitar sitting in the cupboard gathering dust, the chances are that you have a guitar amplifier gathering dust too! Rocksmith guitar game Connecting your guitar amp to your games console You will need an amplifier with a line-level AUX in jack. Many guitar practice amps have an AUX in jack. The amplifier will usually be advertised as allowing you to connect a portable music player to the amplifier to allow you to play your guitar along with the backing track.

The amplifier will also safely perform the task of converting the stereo signal from the games console to a mono output from the guitar amp. What you will need, in order are: This female-to-male adaptor converts the male RCA cable from the games console to a 3. A female-to-male cable will sit between your adaptor and the in-line stereo volume control without requiring further adaptors. You therefore need to be able to control the volume of the signal going into the amp — the 3.

I do not have a home theatre surround sound system.

How to connect your guitar amp to your games console to play Rocksmith

I’m having sound problems with Rocksmith Is there a guide to help me? If you are having sound-related issues with Rocksmith Edition, you should start by viewing the"RocksmithConfiguration.

The amplifier will also safely perform the task of converting the stereo signal from the games console to a mono output from the guitar amp. The best way to connect your guitar amp to your games console is to use a couple of adaptors to connect the RCA plugs on the Playstation3 (or XBox ) adaptor cables to the AUX in jacks on the amp.

For example, a typical line out connection has an impedance from to ohms. The impedance bridging principle will be relevant when we discuss plugging an iPOD or MP3 player into a guitar amp below. Connections Unfortunately, it is not possible to simply look at the connection being used and determine the nominal signal level and impedance. The RCA or phono plug is also used to connect unbalanced line-level signals and is commonly seen in stereo equipment.

The 3-pin professional audio connector XLR is used with cables for balanced microphones and other balanced equipment. The stereo phone plug is used with stereo headphones and with balanced line-level cables. If you try to plug a device with a low signal level into a device designed to take a high signal level, you will need to turn the up the amplifier volume, introducing noise.

If you try to plug a device with a high signal level into a device designed to take a low signal level you will get clipping at high volumes. Turn the volume down low and you will probably be okay. It is not okay to plug a high impedance device into a low impedance device. Examples of this principle can be found in guitar equipment:

Thoughts on Rocksmith

Unfortunately some slight audio latency issues inherent to the digital-only design of current-gen consoles means that Rocksmith for PS4 and Xbox One is slightly inferior overall to its last-gen and PC counterparts, but not by much. When I reviewed Rocksmith a year ago , I was enamoured with its expertly curated track list, incredibly useful Riff Repeater tool, expanded Guitarcade games and self-indulgent Session mode.

Nothing has changed; Rocksmith is still a really fun way to practice the guitar and its colourful note highways are certainly clearer running at p – even if it doesn’t make an appreciable difference to the gameplay. The p visuals look sharp, but don’t affect the experience much.

A NOTE ABOUT OPTICAL AUDIO: We do not recommend using an optical output for playing Rocksmith® on Xbox or PlayStation®3 system, as it can introduce additional latency when .

You have Rocksmith, a guitar and an amp – you want Rocksmith to recognise what you are playing, but would rather hear your self play through your amp – the reasons may vary; You want to hear your own playing better to detect sloppy technique easier You are playing CDLC’s that have bad custom tones You really want to annoy your neighbours You have pedals and want to practice switching them while playing along Any other reason you may have – you only need to justify it to yourself!

Most people start off thinking all they need is a Y splitter to connect their guitar, amp and realtone cable together, but then discover when they do – that they get an offensive noise from their amp. This usually works fine with dual amp setups and most issues when using pedals – but due to the way a PC power-supply works, rarely fixes the issue we encounter. By all means – try it anyway as your first step to removing the noise, as that may be all you need to do in your situation, turn down the player guitar volume within Rocksmith and you are set.

If that doesn’t work however – read on. From here you have a few options, most involving some sort of buffered pedal. A pedal based Tuner Boss TU-3 for eg is a common but far from the only choice as it has 2 outputs. The foot switching function of it can be used to turn off the signal to your amp as you wish, or send the signal to the amp and rocksmith at the same time – and you get a great tuner into your signal chain.

Can you hook up a 8ohm speaker to a 4ohm amp

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Nov 26,  · This should be rather easy: 1. plug in your guitar into an ABY switch 2. plug output A into your amp 3. plug the RealTone cable into output B 4. lower your guitar volume in Rocksmith 5. select A+B mode in your switch There, you are all set – you can play your favorite Mesa Roadking and Rocksmith at the same time:).

Here is a Post from another person [unknown] with his step-by-step experiences in adding a sub amp, etc.. Note that the Monsoon amp turned on by detecting small signal level changes in the Speaker input lines; there was not a separate Remote Amp Turn On wire. I originally copied these posts in case I dig into Da Wife’s ‘ The wiring colors and pinouts are very valuable to have on file ;-0 In case you haven’t read so elsewhere, the Monsoon HU is kinda weird in that it adds only a final stage of amplification and provides crossover and rolloff functions.

This is why it is so light and doesn’t have massive Power Supply components, etc.. Treat the Monsoon HU output like any other differential Speaker-level signal that has to be converted before connection to a sub or other amp, and you’ll have the same success stories that many other folks have and Post here re: Open your hatch, and open the little trap door on the left side of your trunk where the Monsoon amp and the CD Changer live. If you don’t have a changer, this is a bit easier.

Look at the Monsoon amp, you will notice that is has two wiring harnesses plugged into it. One will have about twice as many wires as the other. This is the output harness, and the one we will be screwing with. You will notice that the harness has 8 pair of wires, plus power and ground. Those 8 pair are for the 8 speakers in your car. The wires that we want to use are the ones running to the rear woofers.

Rumour: Rocksmith for iOS

January 8, I am really liking my Spider V but have started making videos and recordings for practice and come across a problem. I use Rocksmith for fun and Yousician in my practice regime. I have started recording myself to see how well I actually perform from a spectators point of view and potentially share with friends on youtube. Backing track volume can be adjusted with Master Volume and I can mix in my guitar with the Equalizer volume.

The problem is when I try and record the USB output. I only get the guitar sound, no backing track.

Y-splitter cable plugged into Fender Mustang amp, guitar plugged into one side of y-splitter, rocksmith cable plugged into other side of y-splitter. I run a cable from the headphone jack of the computer to the aux input on the amp.

Any Squier will work on the Midi Pro Adapter? Only fender squier stratocaster controller rock band 3 will work with rock band 3. I don’t know if there are more guitar to rock band 3. With the squier you can play rocksmith too. To play rock band3 you need midi adapter. With the mustang you can’t play to rocksmith i think and you don’t need adapter midi to play rbn3 and it has a input microphone the squier don’t have.

It is also a real guitar that can be hooked up to an amp. You can play it with Rockband, or as a regular guitar. To play it in RB, you must have the midi pro adapter. The Squier is expensive and difficult to find, as it’s been discontinued.

Use your own amp with Rocksmith !

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