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Kosovo Culture People l Tradition l Values As a young and attractive country, Kosovo has a very rich culture and history. Kosovo Cultural Heritage was created by ancients Illyrians and Romans with later indications by different empires in more recent centuries. When traveling around Kosovo, there are many opportunities to experience the very old civilization, unique culture, and distinctive traditions which are documented in archeological parks, natural parks, galleries, tower houses Kullas in other words strongholds, religious monuments, and museums.

Every historical stage of Kosovo has its own symbols, which are recognized in Kosovar tradition, values, language, and architecture. Thus, considering the strategic location of Kosovo in Balkan Peninsula, Kosovo offers many opportunities for everyone who wants to expand the knowledge about old Illyrian civilization, living diversity, and enriched history. Migrations of the population as a result of conflicts and wars, have obvious indication in Kosovo traditions and culture.

Family Structure in Kosovo Kosovo cultures is characterized by its patriarchal tradition. For centuries, the ethnic Albanian villagers have lived in Kosovo within extensive families among members consisting of 70 to which were ruled by a chosen patriarch. Up to this date, the Kosovar society is still built on family units in the majority of the rural areas, even though the family structure has progressively eroded since the end of World War II.

The clans are extremely devoted to their members and the great blood feuds that were frequent in the past century are no longer present. Unwritten or customary rules are very frequently practiced as law and order among Kosovars with its principles being as followed: Modern Times and Customs in Kosovo Among the current modern times, the former customs and traditions are gradually vanishing due to the influence of the western world which has even reached remote areas of the country.

The elderly generations are the ones who assist in keeping such customs and traditions alive, however.

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By the time of Diocletian , the province had been subdivided between Macedonia Prima “first Macedonia” on the south, encompassing most of the kingdom of Macedon, and Macedonia Salutaris known also as Macedonia Secunda, “second Macedonia” on the north, encompassing partially Dardania and the whole of Paeonia; most of the country’s modern boundaries fell within the latter, with the city of Stobi as its capital. Slavic tribes settled in the Balkan region including Macedonia by the late 6th century AD.

During the s, Byzantine literature attests to the Slavs raiding Byzantine territories in the region of Macedonia , later aided by Bulgars. Historical records document that in c. The Slavic tribes that settled in the region of Macedonia converted to Christianity around the 9th century during the reign of Tsar Boris I of Bulgaria. In , the Byzantine Emperor Basil II defeated the armies of Tsar Samuil of Bulgaria , and within four years the Byzantines restored control over the Balkans including Macedonia for the first time since the 7th century.

However, by the late 12th century, Byzantine decline saw the region contested by various political entities, including a brief Norman occupation in the s.

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Useful Serbian phrases. A collection of useful phrases in Serbian, a South Slavic language spoken mainly in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia and Macedonia.

The flag has a red center field with a white silhouette of the temple complex at Angkor Wat. The center field is bordered top and bottom by blue bands. The new riel cr is a paper currency of sen. Both the metric system and traditional weights and measures are in general use. It is bounded on the ne by Laos , on the e and se by Vietnam , on the sw by the Gulf of Thailand , and on the w, nw, and n by Thailand, with a total boundary length of 2, km 1, mi.

Comparatively, the area occupied by Cambodia is slightly smaller than the state of Okla-homa. In , Cambodia signed an agreement with Vietnam on their mutual maritime frontier. A treaty delineating the land border was signed in December


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Country Reports on Human Rights Practices Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor February 23, The Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Yugoslavia [1], a constitutional republic consisting of the Republic of Serbia and the Republic of Montenegro, has a president and a parliamentary system of government based on multiparty elections. The new federal Government, which was formed on November 4, dropped any claim to being the sole successor state of the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia which dissolved in , and was recognized by the international community.

Vojislav Kostunica was elected President of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia on September 24, and took office on October 7, after mass demonstrations by citizens protesting Slobodan Milosevic’s attempts to manipulate the Federal Election Commission and force a second election round led Milosevic to concede defeat. Prior to Kostunica’s election, former Yugoslav President Milosevic had brought Serbia closer to open dictatorship than ever before.

Immediately following the war in Kosovo, Milosevic moved to consolidate his weakened position in Serbia through a campaign of intimidation and violence against his political opponents, representatives of the independent media, student groups, civil society, and even, in certain cases, members of the regime. Prior to the September elections, Milosevic, who is also President of the Socialist Party of Serbia SPS , continued to dominate all formal and informal governing institutions in the country.

Although the SPS lacked majorities in both the Federal and Serbian Parliaments, it controlled key administrative positions. Milosevic also controlled the judiciary.


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The new flag of Serbia and Montenegro is three vertical bars, blue, white, and red (from top to bottom). The flag of the former Yugoslavia was the same but with a red star outlined in yellow in the center.

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The reign of Peter I is generally regarded as a watershed in Russian history, during which Russia expanded westward, became a leading player in European affairs, and underwent major reforms of its government, economy, religious affairs, and culture. Peter is regarded as a “modernizer” or “westernizer,” who forced changes upon his often reluctant subjects. In the Russian historian Nikolai Pogodin wrote: Everywhere we look, we encounter this colossal figure, who casts a long shadow over our entire past.

In June, following the bloody rebellion of the Moscow musketeers, in which members of his mother’s family and government officials were massacred, he was crowned second tsar jointly with his elder, but severely handicapped, half-brother Ivan V. Kept out of government during the regency of his half-sister Sophia Alexeyevna r.

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The memorial monument of Ilirska Bistrica, in Slovenia, is dedicated to the fighters of the 4th Yugoslavian Army who liberated this area during WWII. Dating back to , this 8 metre (26 foot) tall, hollowed out concrete cube, is held upright by nine internal tapering columns.

Note the two holes of different sizes in the left hand example. Are these different sized holes for different sized spears, or are they different sizes for purposes of a bridle? At the turn of the century an excavator of a prehistoric site La Quina, in the Charente district of southwest France noticed unusual traces of wear on the front incisor teeth of horses dug up from the Mousterian layers. These marks resembled those on modern teeth that result from the “tic” or nervous chewing habit of horses shut up in captivity, where boredom drives them to nibble incessantly at hard objects.

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